Sunday, February 12, 2012

Perginya Whitney Houston pada usia 48 Tahun..

Waduh, panas jugak google cerita pasal Whitney Houston yang telah pergi pada 11 topic.......Pemenang 2 anugerah Ammy Award, 6 anugerah Grammy Award, 30 Billboard Music Award, 22 Anugerah American Music Award semasa kariernya ditemui mati di Beverly Hilton Hotel pada 12 February pada usia 48 tahun.. korang nak info penuh pasal penyanyi ni...klik sini Whitney Houstson Dead At 48 (detail)

Pernah berada di tangga 1# Billboard Chart a sebagai album wanita terbaik dan albumnya terjual sebanyak 200 million di seluruh dunia....namun menurut sumber TMZ....

TMZ Source

Whitney Houston "partied heavily" at the Beverly Hilton hotel with a group of friends ... hotel staff tell TMZ.We're told Whitney and her friends were in the bar for a time and the group was drinking and very loud. Our sources say even though the hotel is busy with all the Grammy festivities, Whitney and her group stood out because they were so boisterous.

Again, it's too early to know what caused her death.

Houston was found dead today at the Beverly Hilton. She was 48.

korang baca je kat sini penuh:

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