Thursday, June 9, 2011

10 way to raise your Child's self Esteem!

Apa kehelnye tajuk tu..before this aku speak malay kali aku speak English Education..Cam Terrer..(^0^)..

Credit to Nancy Krulik..

Self- Esteem isn't something you're born with.In some ways, it's something you're given, like a gift. When children are very young,they develop much of their sense of self-worth by studying how others perceive them. If children only receive negative reinforment,they won't think much of themselves. But if they get praise and encouragement often enough,they begin to develop a sense of pride in themselves that will sustain them for the rest of their lives. Every child is special. Each one has unique talents and abilities that set him or her apart from everyone else. It's our job as parents to make sure that our children know just how remarkable they are.If they grow up filled with self- esteem, they will have the courage and confidence to go out onto the world and try new things, to respect other people's idea, and to face challenges with sense that they can do anything they put their minds to..And in the end, isn't that what parenting all about?

Easy thing to raise you child self esteem..

1. Tell your child you love him at least once a day.

2.Take your child's feelings seriously. Try not to say she'll "grow out of it",or that it's"not that bad".

3.Let your child know it's okay to make mistakes. Admit your own.

4.Laugh at your child's jokes even when your don't get them.

5.Take your child's picture each year on the first day of school.Don't forget to look back to see how much he's grown.

6.Encourage your child to ask questions.Research the answer together.

7.Talk out your disagreements with your child. If you give he the silent treatment now, she's liable to give it back to you later.

8. Teach your child that all people are entitled to their own points of view. Respect that your child has his own point of view, too.

9.Keep your child's secret ^_____^ unless keeping them will be harmful to her well-being.

10.Always say good bye before your leave.Sneaking away will make your child distrustful.

All of this just a little , just wanna share with uols..banyak lagik..(T-T)

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